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10/7/2015 - The Fire Department Provides Excellent Care





There are many times when the East Providence Fire Department is asked why a fire truck accompanies a rescue when dispatched to a residence or incident scene. There are many reasons that a fire truck would accompany a rescue to a scene, but the ultimate answer is that we strive to provide excellent care to our residents. The addition of a fire truck allows us to expedite treatment to a patient, when every second counts. Having additional manpower on site allows us to respond efficiently and effectively.  The East Providence Fire Department receives a high volume of rescue calls with 43% of those calls requiring Advanced Cardiac Support.  Our entire staff is cross trained and can provide duel service as Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.  In the event that a fire truck arrives before a rescue, the same level of care can be administered as our five engines and two ladder trucks are all equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment, as are our three in-service rescues. Our excellent quality of care has earned us the East Providence Fire Department the American Heart Association 2015 Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition Award which recognizes us for quality of care for STEMI (heart attack) patients.  We will continue to develop efficient strategies to better serve our community and provide the excellent care to our residents.