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10/6/2015 - EPPD Community Survey

The East Providence Police Department is partnering with Salve Regina University to take part in a community survey.  This survey is being mailed out to 5,000 random residents of East Providence.  

The Police Department is asking that if you receive one of these surveys in the coming weeks that you take a few minutes to go through the survey and complete it.  The survey will only take a few minutes, but the information we are able to gather and analyze will be extremely valuable to the mission of the Police Department.

The survey comes with a postage-paid envelope and is already addressed to Salve Regina University.  All of the information given on the survey is anonymous and no personal information is needed to complete the survey.  All returned surveys will be collected by a graduate studies class, who will collect and analyze the data.  Once all the data has been compiled, the graduate studies class will forward a comprehensive report on the results of the survey.  The report will be made public.

We ask that you take a few minutes to read and fill out the survey.  We are looking for your input to make the East Providence Police Department better and allow the department to better serve you and the community.

Thank you.

Click here to download the information.