East Providence News

9/28/2015 - Clean the Bay Debris Removal from EP Shoreline

Clean the Bay Debris Removal from East Providence Shoreline to Continue

In 2007 the City of East Providence partnered with Clean Bays (a non-profit debris removal group) to clean the EP shoreline of small debris that littered our coast. In 2010 we began to look for major funding to remove the pilings, barges and other large debris that has been an eyesore and hazard-to-navigation along our coastline.

In 2014 we were awarded a $100k grant to remove some of the pilings off Bold Point. In early 2015 we were awarded an $87k DEM grant to begin to remove 2 of the three barges off Bold Point.

We are proud to announce that our efforts have been noticed by NOAA and we have been awarded almost $195k to continue the debris removal efforts. Clean Bays will begin early next month removing the barges off Bold Point utilizing the $87k DEM money and continue the removal of the 3rd barge utilizing the NOAA funding. The effort to remove the barges and pilings will continue as the weather allows and while the funding lasts.

Clean the Bay Rhode Island ($194,800) began the Providence River Project, an effort to remove abandoned pilings and industrial waste from the East Providence shoreline in 2014. With this grant, Clean the Bay will continue removal efforts and supplement outreach and volunteer opportunities with community partners to address a debris issue that has plagued this area for more than 100 years.

(Per Bruce Dufresne, Harbor Master)