East Providence News

8/12/2015 - Fire Department Reaction to Storms
Fire Chief Oscar Elmasian commends his department for a job well done last week during our storm and has a few helpful reminders for residents, "The activity for the fire department increased approximately 250% during the day of the storm. During the early stages of the storm the department experienced a number of emergencies relative to down power lines and building fire alarm system activation, fire alarm system incidents increased also due to the low battery signal which is caused by power failures. Several concerns that the fire department was faced with was the power outage and how it affected the population of residents that are oxygen dependent and also suffer from respiratory illnesses. These concerns were addressed by the City Manager, Fire Department, Police Department, Deputy EMA Director Wayne Barnes and Director Rob Rock from Senior Services. An additional concern that the fire department has relative to a power outage is Carbon Monoxide emergencies due to the improper use of portable generators. Residents should be reminded that all portable powered gas powered or diesel powered equipment needs to be used outdoors away from window and door openings. If anyone has any questions regarding storm preparations they can call the Division of Fire Prevention at 435-7681." Great job by our EP Fire Department!