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7/27/2015 - Water Main Cleaning & Lining Project

Water Main Cleaning and Lining Project

The City of East Providence Department of Public Works announces that the water main cleaning and lining project to improve aging water mains in the City is underway.  This work will rehabilitate aging water system pipelines some of which are over 100 years old to improve water quality and system operations for the City residents and businesses.  This phase of the project will take place in the Rumford section of the City where work has commenced on Roger Williams Avenue.

The contractor for this project is W. Walsh Company. The cleaning and lining process allows for more pipeline to be improved as it is a cost effective trenchless technology compared with complete replacement which requires full road cuts and restoration. For more information on the cleaning and lining process, water customers may view the W. Walsh Company website at

The project will also consist of complete replacement of some sections of water pipeline in order to increase pipe size capacity, as well as include the installation of new valves and hydrants.

Water customers within the project area will receive more detailed information on the project. Further information may also be obtained on the City website,