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6/9/2015 - Exterior Project Underway in front of Police Station

Exterior Project Underway in front of Police Station

If you've driven down Waterman Ave. today, you may have noticed the traffic and cars parked in front of the Police Station. The Police Department is getting a new exterior over the next 2 weeks which will include new curbing, new vegetation & trees, drainage is being vetted and cleaned out, parking lot is being torn up and repaved, and parking will be reconfigured. Sergeant Mike Grant has coordinated the project and is looking to give the Police Station some more curb appeal and function. We would like to thank the RI Philharmonic, Providence Country Day, and W.R. Cobb for your patience as we complete this project and for always being generous & cooperative to the Police Department. This project is made possible by the Asset Forfeiture funds. Thank you all for your patience.