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6/1/2015 - Senior Center Daily Call

The Senior Center now offers a free Daily Call Service to its members.  This service gives assurance to our seniors and their loved ones that there will be a daily check in to make sure everyone is ok.  Registration is free and the service is free.  Registrants can sign up to be notified in many different ways such as phone call, text message, or email as well as select the time for their daily check.   The call can be set on an escalation process as well, meaning that if a daily call goes out to a registrant and the call is not answered, a second call will automatically generate.  If a third call goes unanswered, a second person will be notified.

Example: The Senior Center Daily Call attempts to contact Mary M. at 8:30am.  Mary M. does not answer.  A second call goes out to Mary M. one hour later.  If that call is not answered, Mary M.'s next contact on her registration form is called.  Mary M.'s daughter will receive a call letting her know the Senior Center has tried to contact Mary M. twice with no response. 

This emergency response is beneficial as it provides piece of mind to seniors and family members.

Click here to register for the Senior Center Daily Call.