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4/4/2015 - East Providence Career and Technical Center News

East Providence Career and Technical Center News

The Center serves students from Barrington, Bristol - Warren, and East Providence. In addition, students from outside our region are accepted to the Center if their program of choice is not offered at their regional Career Center.

In an effort to offer all students a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment, we make every effort to accept students that have shown, through their middle school and 9th grade academic work, the maturity required to succeed both in school and the in world of work. In addition, each student is required to take a Career Assessment Inventory to assist her or his counselor in developing a four-year education plan. This plan is a ‘road map’ that will enable each student to design a challenging yet attainable course of study in her or his chosen field. We believe that a student’s high school education must be a joint planning effort that includes the student, parents or guardian, counselor, building administrator, and anyone else considered a ‘stake holder’ in the student’s education.

The CTC offers services to our Community such as a full service Salon, a full service Restaurant, and a full service Auto Repair shop.  You can find out more about these services and more by visiting the following link or calling the CTC at 401-435-7815.  Please be aware that reservations are required for all services.