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2/24/2015 - Innovation 2015

2015 is proving to be the year that East Providence enters the digital age.  East Providence has entered into this year with a plate full of innovative ideas to keep our Community informed.  Starting in January, the City has joined the social scene by joining Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!  You can log in to connect with East Providence, voice your concerns, or follow all of the upcoming events & programs the City has to share.  Please click on the links below to follow the different departments that are now Connecting with EP!

In addition to joining the social conversation, the City has launched a new website which you will find much easier to navigate than our previous site.  With a simple website to navigate, information is simple to find, answers are readily available 24 hours per day, and open communication improves by offering downloadable forms and online solutions.  Please visit our new website at 

That's not all, the City is launching a new mobile App for your smartphone that will offer the same capabilities that our new website will offer.  In addition to all of the same online capabilities, the new app will have additional features making mobile communication simple.  You will be able to pinpoint an issue and send directly to the proper department with the push of a button.  Also, the mobile app will have a photo capability giving you the ability to take a photo of the issue which will be included in the response you send to the department.  

Lastly, the Information Technology department is rolling out a mass communication system for all East Providence residents and business owners keeping you informed with up to the minute information as it happens.  The mass communication system will give you the option to have information delivered via home phone, text message alerts, or emails.  For example, if a parking ban is issued in the City, you will receive communication from us letting you know about the ban.  

The purpose of all of the these information updates is to improve communication within our Community.  We want to promote transparency, we want to promote our innovation and business friendliness, but mostly, we want to keep you all informed of all the wonderful things that are happening in our City everyday.  

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