City Council Meeting scheduled for December 18th is cancelled.

East Providence News

3/19/2010 - City Revaluation Project
The City of East Providence, RI has contracted with Vision Appraisal Technology of Northboro, Massachusetts to assist with the state mandated revaluation project. The information provided is the basis of residential valuation for the December 31, 2009 Assessment Date.

Vision Appraisal Technology will be mailing new value information out the week of March 15th. If you believe the the new proposed assessment does not reflect the the current market value of your real estate as of 12/31/09, an appointment for a hearing may be made with Vision Appraisal Technology, by calling 1-888-844-4300. Calls for appointments will be taken from March 16th to March 29th between the hours of 9AM and 4PM weekdays. Hearings will begin March 22nd.  Day, evening and weekend appointments will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Hearings are by appointment only. Scheduled hearings will be held at the Santa Maria Cultural Center, 846 Broadway.

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