East Providence News

9/9/2013 - New Recycling Carts

After September 9th recycling will only be collected from these carts.  All recyclable items need to be placed inside the carts, any items outside of the carts or in recycle bins cannot be collected.    

Residents will set their recycling cart at the curb every other week according to the calendar insert provided.  Carts should be wheeled to the curb by 6:00am morning of collection and set with the lid opening facing the street, and once carts are collected, they must be removed from curbside and stored out of view until your next collection.  Carts will be emptied using equipment with an automated lift arm that will dump materials into a special truck.  Trash and yard waste will be collected each week, on your normal trash day.  Yard waste collection is seasonal.  On Recycling weeks trash will not be collected if there is no recycling cart set out at the curb.