East Providence News

4/22/2020 - Emergency Order 2020-1: COVID-19

The East Providence Emergency Management Agency has identified this facility as housing members of a vulnerable population. As such, under the Declaration of Emergency signed by the Governor and Mayor, the East Providence Emergency Management Agency shall institute the following guidelines for this facility:

  1. Access to this facility is limited to only essential care-giving persons:
    • Professional caregivers providing care to residents, or;
    • Family members taking care of loved ones.

  2. Additionally, the following guidelines must be adhered to:
    • There will be no gathering of residents;
    • All residents shall maintain a social distance of 6 feet from one another. This is especially important near the entrance;
    • All deliveries shall be conducted expediently;
    • All maintenance and utility work shall be limited to essential items only;
    • All essential utility work shall be conducted expediently.

All persons entering the building shall take into consideration that this is a facility with vulnerable residents and take all precautions necessary. These precautions include, but are not limited to hand washing or sanitizing, cough etiquette, maintaining a minimum 6 foot distance from others, wearing masks or a cloth covering when outside your apartment.

Residents should be aware that failure to comply with this Emergency Order may cause the housing organization to rescind your tenant agreement. This order is in place to keep all residents, and staff safe.