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8/3/2013 - Eco-Depot Hazardous Waste Collection August 3, 2013

City of East Providence

Department of Public Works

Refuse/Recycling Division




Date:         July 12, 2013

Contact:     Donna McMahon, Refuse/Recycling

Phone:       435-7710

Re:           Eco-Depot Hazardous Waste Collection.

Release:    Immediate

August 3, 2013 ~ East Providence Hosts

 Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Location:  Highway Garage, 60 Commercial Way 
8:00am to 1:00pm

Eco-Depot is a free service for Rhode Island residents who wish to dispose of their household hazardous waste safely and properly. We all have hazardous waste lurking in our homes-oven cleaner, window cleaner, flea collars, pool chemicals, nail polish remover, oil based paint in rusty old paint cans. This free service is available by appointment only.

Most Common HHW

  • Oil-based paint (Note that latex and other water-based paints are not considered hazardous).
  • Rechargeable batteries (Note that single-use batteries are not considered hazardous.)
  • Mercury containing devices (thermometers, thermostats, fluorescent bulbs;).
  • Fertilizer and Pool Chemicals
  • Automotive Fluids 

To learn more or to make an Eco-Depot appointment call (401) 942-1430 x241 or visit http://rirrc.org/ecodepot.