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1/26/2010 - Haiti Relief Efforts

With the recent tragic events in Haiti, the City of East Providence realizes many of our residents would like to assist the Haitian people.  Please see the below links and frequently asked questions (FAQs).  This information can be used as a reference to help you decide where your donation can best aid the people of Haiti in their time of need.  Townies have always been generous in difficult times whether the tragedy is here in East Providence, the US or the world. 


Remember – no gift is too little.



How do I find reputable organizations to donate to?

Guide Star


Charity Navigator



List of charitable organizations:
Charity Navigator lists and rates organizations

MSNBC lists many organizations



The Haitian Project:



The Whitehouse link:



National League of Cities:




FAQs to ask yourself before you donate:

  1. Is the charitable organization a registered 501(c)(3) entity?
    1. The organization should be recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.
  2. What percentage of my donation will actually go towards relief efforts?
    1. Most charitable organizations will provide information about the distribution of their funds earmarked for program activities vs. overhead.
  3. Will my employer match my donation?
    1. Many employers will match your donation.  Please check with your employer’s Human Resource Department.


Seeking information about someone in Haiti?

The US State Department Operations Center said Americans seeking information about family members in Haiti should call 1-888-407-4747. Due to heavy volume, some callers may receive a recording.


Want to use a credit card?

Some of the major credit card companies, including American Express and Mastercard are waiving their usual fees so that the full amount of donation will go to the relief organization. Typically, a small percentage is charged to the organization accepting the credit card.


Beware of scams!

Finally, the FBI urges people who are looking for ways to help with earthquake relief to be wary of solicitations that could be from scam artists.

"Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization or a good cause," the FBI said, in passing along these tips:

·  Ignore unsolicited e-mails, and do not click on links within those messages.

·  Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as surviving victims or officials asking for donations via e-mail or social networking sites.

·  Be cautious of e-mails that claim to show pictures of the disaster areas in attached files, because the files may contain computer viruses. Open attachments only from know senders.

·  Decline to give personal or financial information to anyone who solicits contributions.

·  Make contributions directly to known organizations, rather than relying on others who claim in e-mails that they will channel the donation to established groups.

The FBI says anyone receipting an e-mail that appears to be a scam should forward it to this Web site: www.ic3.gov