East Providence News

5/25/2012 - Services Available for Residents in East Providence

Below are a list of agencies avaialble to assist East Providence residents.


Phone Number 

Department of Human Services 401-462-5300 
Food Stamp Office  401-729-5400 or 800-984-8989 
S.N.A.P. (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) 401-222-7272
Barrington Tap-in 401-247-1444 
Newman Congregational Church 401-438-8899 or 401-434-2886 
East Bay Community Action Program 401-437-1000
St. Francis Xavier Church 401-434-1878 
Electric Benefit Transfer (EBT)  888-979-9939
Child Support Services/Enforcement 401-458-4400
RITE Share Services 401-462-0311
Medical Assistance Provider Help Desk  401-784-8100 or 800-964-6211
East Bay Heating Assistance 401-437-5102
"Keep the Heat On" Heating Assistance Program 401-421-7833