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About the Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department is headed by the Public Works Director who reports directly to the City Manager. Staff in the Public Works Department consists of 115 full-time employees and several seasonal employees. The department consists of eight divisions and one section, streetlights.

The Public Works Department provides services to East Providence residents in the areas of streets and sidewalks, refuse and recycling collection, engineering, water distribution and wastewater treatment. In addition, this department is responsible for the maintenance of all City owned buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

Engineering, Building Inspection, and Public Buildings are located at City Hall. 

The Public Works Director, Highway, Recycling/Refuse, Water Utilities, Parks and Central Garage Divisions are located at the Engustian Municipal Public Works Complex at 60 Commercial Way.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility and Water Pollution Control Division are located at 1 Crest Avenue.

Interesting Facts:

  • The Highway Division maintains 150 miles of City Streets.
  • The Water Utility Division maintains over 200 miles of water pipes, some of these pipes are in  excess of 100 years old.
  • City’s wastewater treatment facility is treating six millions gallons of wastewater each day.
  • The Building Inspection Division processed approximately 4,000 permits last year.
  •  15,513 tons of trash, 4,294 tons of recyclable material, 6,713 tons of leaf and yard waste, 
    and 103 tons of appliances were picked up at the curb or dropped off  last year. 
  • 36.41 tons of electronics and 161 tons of clothing were collected from drop off sites and recycled.

Streetlight Outages or Malfunctions

Streetlights are owned and maintained by National Grid. To report streetlight outages or malfunctions please call National Grid at 1-800-322-3223.  Please provide the pole number and location. 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The stormwater and melted snow that runs off of the roadway in your neighborhood is eventually discharged to nearby water bodies. If certain contaminants come in contact with stormwater runoff from your neighborhood, these resource areas may become polluted. Your individual actions can help protect these areas.

What you can do to protect Water Resources

Do not place anything in the storm drain. Only stormwater should enter the catch basins. (the grates and inlets you see on the streets)
Eliminate or minimize fertilizer use.
If you use fertilizer, choose slow release types with little or no nitrogen.
Avoid leaf litter. Collect leaves for composting or proper disposal.
Direct your rooftop runoff over vegetation or into a dry well to promote infiltration.
Do not allow pet waste to collect on streets/sidewalks or enter the storm drains.
Pick up all pet waste and either compost, bury, or dispose with sanitary waste.
Use a car wash or wash cars so runoff goes on to the lawn, not the street, and minimize soap.
Do not clean driveways by hosing dirt into the street. Collect sweepings for disposal.
Keep you neighborhood litter free
Eliminate the use of pesticides.
Limit the use of sand and salt on roadways and remove sand promptly when weather permits.
Don’t feed ducks or geese.
Please call 435-7703, if you observe illegal dumping. 

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Contact Information

Steve Coutu, P.E., Director of Public Works

Phone: (401) 435-7500 x40020

Snow Plow Hotline: