Site Conditions

Spring Sports:

All sports fields are currently closed through April 1. During the spring leagues should use caution when playing on fields after rain. Use of fields when soil is saturated creates extensive damage that may require field closures for extended periods. When in doubt....cancel the practice or game. While enacting the FY 2012 budget the City Council approved the "Field Use Policy and User Fees". League presidents should review the document and ensure that coaches, volunteers and parents are aware of the various policies that pertain to field use. The policy requires the Parks Division to perform increased oversight of field use. Parks will be especially vigilant of field use during rain events or field use while infield/turf/goal surfaces are wet/puddling. "The NFL, MLS or MLB always play in the rain" is not a satisfactory reason to risk injury to young athletes or cause damage to soil, turf or infield areas on city facilities. Unlike major league sports, there is no budget to repair fields damaged from use during wet conditions. Under the new policy, leagues may be responsible for reimbursing the city for any required repairs to damaged fields. Most importantly, this policy is not just about protecting playing surfaces, it is about adults making the right decision to protect young players from needless injuries.

Field Use Policy

Winter Sports:

D.E.M. ice safety program(click for more info)

  • Never assume ice is safe.
  • The only safe ice is at an ice rink.
  • It takes a minimum of 5-7 days of temperatures in the low 20's before icemaybecome thick enough to support weight.
  • Ice should be clear/black and a minimum of 6" thick.

East Providence Ice Skating Rules

  • Skating will be allowed during daylight hours only.
  • Ice will be checked only once per day; Monday - Friday. Measurements will be posted on site and our website. The Parks Divisionwill notdeclare ice 'SAFE', only ice thickness will be determined. As conditions will be constantly changing skaters are responsible for using their own judgment. Minimum thickness of clear ice is 6"(inches). White ice or "quick ice" does not have the same strength as clear ice.
  • On Fridays it will be determined whether local temperatures over the weekend and/or holiday will have a negative effect on ice thickness.
  • If specific skating areas are marked remain in that section only.
  • Ice Hockey isNOTpermitted at any time.
  • Skaters are responsible for using their own judgment as conditions may be constantly changing.
  • Jones Pond, Willett Pond,and Squantum WoodsPark Pondwill notbe supervised by City employees.
  • Never skate alone.
  • Know the closest place to seek help.Dial 911

As of:February 2013

NoSkating Permitted

When Permitted, Skate in Marked Area Only

As of January 25, 2013 DEM skating sites are NOT open due to thin ice.

Willett Ave. Pond:Ice must be greater than 6" for skating

Current conditions - Ice thickness 0.0 inches*NO skatingpermitted

Jones Pond:Ice must be greater than 6" for skating

Current conditions - Ice thickness 0.0 inches* NO skating permitted

Squantum Woods Park Pond: (CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION)

Current conditions - Ice thickness 0.0 inches*NO skating permitted

* In tested areas only. Does NOT indicate that ice on entire pond is at acceptable levels. Skaters should always use caution.!

Click HERE for current weather forecast-East Providence, RI)

Area Ice Skating Facilities

Pawtucket -Lynch Arena(401) 728-7420 indoor

Providence -Bank of America Skating Center(401) 331-5544 outdoor

Cranston -Veterans Arena(401) 944-8690 indoor

Newport -Sovereign Bank Family Skating Center(401) 846-1600 outdoor