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Budget Information

Each July, City management begins the budget process.  Department Heads present their budget requests to the City Manager and Director of Finance each August.  The City Manager,  along with input from the Director of Finance, reviews the departmental budget and makes necessary budget reductions.  The City Manager makes budget reductions so that the proposed budget aligns with the City's 3.5% budget increase cap.  The City Manager then presents the proposed budget to City Council in the form of Public Hearings usually in October for final passage 7 days prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year, which is November 1st.

Proposed FY12-13 Budget {Presented to Council on September 14, 2012}

Revised Fiscal Year 2012 Budget  {Budget Commission adopted May 4, 2012} 

Fiscal Year 2011 Audit Report 

October 2011 YTD Budget Summary  September 2011 YTD Budget Summary August 2011 YTD Budget Summary  
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East Providence School District Fiscal Year 2012 Revised Budget 

East Providence School District Fiscal Year 2012 Comparison 

Click the below links for Fiscal Year budget details:

2011-2012 Approved Budget   {Approved by City Council on October 25, 2011 prior to Budget Commission oversight}

2011-2012 City Manager Proposed Budget   

2010-2011 Approved Budget

2010-2011 City Manager Proposed Budget

2010-2011 City Manager Budget Presentation to Council

2009-2010 Approved Budget

Proposed 2009-2010 Budget 

2008-2009 Approved Budget

Proposed 2008-2009 Budget

2007-2008 Approved Budget

2006-2007 Approved Budget

For more information, please contact:
Malcolm Moore
Finance Director
145 Taunton Avenue

East Providence, RI 02914