Conservation Commission

The East Providence Conservation Commission is a very active volunteer commission of City residents that is responsible for preserving and responsibly promoting awareness of the City's natural resources including its watersheds, rivers, wooded areas, shorefront, wetlands, and green spaces throughout the City. As needed or requested, the Commission makes recommendations to State Agencies, the East Providence City Council, the Planning Board, and various City Departments regarding proposed developments, donation of private land, and environmental issues. (For more detail on Commission duties, see Section 2.100 of the Revised Ordinances of the City of East Providence).

The Conservation Commission meets in City Hall, 145 Taunton Avenue, in Conference Room A, at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise noticed. The public is always invited.


  • Keith Gonsalves, Chair
  • Ernie Germani, Vice Chair
  • Jim Boyd, Secretary
  • John Burridge
  • Cheryl Vieira
  • Carissa Lord
  • Greg Burnett
  • Wayne Barnes, City Liaison

2016 Annual Report


Hunts Mills Final 2017 Trail Hike: The final Hunts Mills Hike for 2017 will happen this Sunday, December 10 beginning promptly at 1:30 pm. The John Hunt House and Museum will be decorated for the season and will be open for no charge, though optional donations are welcomed by the EP Historical Society. Also featured will be horse-drawn carriage rides from 1-3 pm. Bundle up and join us for a nice holiday season event!

Turner Reservoir Loop Trail: The Newman Avenue bridge over the Ten Mile River (Turner Reservoir/Central Pond) is in the process of being rebuilt. At times, the bridge will be closed or pedestrian access blocked, making it so that the loop can't always be completed. It is advised to drive by Newman Avenue at this location first before embarking on the loop trail. This will not affect any other segments of the trail.

National Trails Day: Commission members and friends performed improvements along a portion of the Hunts Mills trail (photo below) as part of National Trails Day activities on June 3rd.  

Trail Maintenance: The Commission monitors our trail systems for any fallen branches over the year and works with the City's Parks Division to clear any obstructions or potentially dangerous "leaners", or fallen trees that hang over trails. In November, the Commission performed trail inspection and clearing at Willett Pond.

Wildlife Protection Information Sheet (two pages) from RIDEM's RI Wildlife Action Plan:

15 Small Things that Make a Big Difference for Wildlife

Upcoming Events:

Next Commission Meeting: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 6:30 pm at City Hall, Room A. There will be no Commission meeting in December.

2018 Hunts Mills Trail Hikes: Guided hikes at Hunts Mills Historic Area, stepping off promptly at 1:30 pm on the second Sunday of every month from March through December, coincident with the monthly opening of the historic John Hunt House. Hikes for 2018 will resume on March 11th.

Regional Conservation Area Link:

Commission member Ernie Germani maintains an award-winning Rhode Island area trail blog. The link below is to the East Providence section of this site.


Rhode Island General Laws 1956 - [Sec. 45-35-2]

Chapter 2-96 et siq. Chapter 314 adopted February 15, 1982

Members - Member of City Council - selected by Council will be rotating assignment per vote of Council 3-6-89; Planning Director or his authorized representative; seven (7) qualified electors appointed by Mayor subject to confirmation by City Council

Terms- 3 YEARS - Expiring January 1st


James Boyd – Secretary 11/14/05 (Larisa) 03/15/16 (Britto) 01/01/19
15 Oriole Street (02916)

Keith Gonsalves – Chair 11/14/05 (Larisa) 3/7/17 (Faria) 1/1/20
2 Ramsay Street (02915)

John T. Burridge 07/15/08 (Ramos) 4/7/15 (Rogers) 01/01/18
190 Waterman Avenue (02914)
P.O. Box 14444 (02914)

Cheryl Vieira 3/1/16 (Conley) 1/1/19
17 Burton Avenue (02915)

Ernie Germani - Vice Chair 4/7/15 (Capobianco) 12/5/18 (Briden) 1/1/20
35 John Street (02914)

Carissa Lord 3/7/17 (Botelho) 1/1/20
11 Crawford Road (02914)

Greg Burnett 10/17/17 (Briden) 1/1/20
304 Wilson Avenue (02916)

Wayne Barnes - Planning Department - City Liaison

City Council Liaison- Not currently designated. Second monthly Council meeting is concurrent with monthly Commission meeting.

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Contact Information

Wayne Barnes, Senior Planner

Phone: (401) 435-7531  Ext.11151

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