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Community Development Division 

Weekly Spotlight

The Foster Grandparents Program provides a unique part-time opportunity for seniors to receive a paid stipend to help children with developing the skills, confidence, and strength to succeed in life.

• Foster Grand Parents are for income eligible adults age 55 and over who can serve between 15 & 40 hours a week. They receive a tax free hourly stipend.
• Foster Grand Parents work in schools, Head Start sites, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries and other non-profit organizations throughout the East Bay.

This and other programs are partially paid by the Community Development Division using funds from 100% grant sources.

We are looking for good ideas on how we can put future funding to work in your neighborhood!

 To learn more or provide feedback, please give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

Community Development Division

David Bachrach

Jeannie Soares