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What comprises the Services Division?
The Division is made up of: The Records Unit, Central Communications (Police and Fire Dispatcher Unit), The Planning and Training Unit. Also under the Services Unit is the Physical Plant, Computer, Telephone and Police/Fire Radio System.

When is the Records Unit open?

Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm, excluding major holidays.          

How do I become a Police Officer with the City of East Providence?

Periodically the City opens up the recruitment process.  The City, when in the process of hiring, advertises in the major area newspapers, as well as publicized on the City website. It is best to call the Human Resources office at City Hall, 145 Taunton Ave.  401 433-1604 to see if/when the City is accepting applications.  Officers selected must pass a physical agility test, a written exam, a psychological exam, an oral interview, and an extensive background check.  Individuals selected are well rounded, with proven integrity, are morally and ethically responsible and who are devoted to a law enforcement career with the City of East Providence Police Department.  

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?  

The East Providence Police Department follows the State’s Open Records Law when dispensing all reports.   Stop by the main lobby Records Unit of the East Providence Police Department during normal business hours and fill out a request.  Normally your report will be ready within three business days.  Larger accidents, or those requiring special expertise of the traffic unit may take longer.  There is a charge of  $0.15 per page.  

You may also obtain a copy of your accident report online by visiting                        

How do I obtain a copy of an incident or arrest report?

Anyone can come in, fill out a request form and submit that form for a copy of a record.   However, RI State Law has rules that must be followed prior to disseminating records.  This is to protect one’s privacy as well as to inform the general public.  A balancing test is employed along with a review of the rules governing release of records.  Juvenile records for instance are much more restrictive than adults.  Most records are releasable within and are available within a reasonably short period of time-but not all records can be released immediately.    There is a $0.15 cent per page fee that is charged and may be collected in advance.  There may also be a $15.00 per hour research charge after the first hour.   It is best to review the RI Open Records Law for additional information (view Open Records Law here)

How do I obtain a restraining order?

Go to the 6th District Court, 2nd floor, Family Court, for a request for a restraining order.  Police Departments can issue a domestic restraining order on an emergency basis when the RI Courts are closed. The order is issued after consultation with a judge and issued under the full force and authority of the judge and the RIGL. 

How do I obtain a gun permit?

Adult persons twenty-one (21) years of age or over having a bona fide residence or place of business within the city or town may make application to the Chief of Police of the City of East Providence. The application may be picked up in person at the East Providence Police Station and the applicant must show that they have good reason to fear an injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol or revolver, and that he or she is a suitable person to be so licensed.

How do I get a VIN inspection?

The East Providence Police Department performs VIN checks Monday – Friday, excluding major holidays, from 11:00 AM to 2:45 PM. The cost is $15.00 per vehicle (we accept cash, check, or money order). If the title is from another state or the vehicle was registered in another state, and the model year of the vehicle is 2001 or newer, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is required before you register the car.          

How do I file a complaint against a police officer?

Complaints on police officers can be filed at the police station by speaking to the Shift Commander (Officer in Charge) who will take information from you to process the complaint.  Forms are also available at the East Providence Police Station lobby, the department's Office of Professional Standards, 610 Waterman Ave and City Hall.  The forms can also be downloaded from the web site.  Citizens can file a complaint with the Officer in Charge, or directly with the Office of Professional Standards, 401-435-7600.

How do I get my child car seat inspected?

East Providence Police Traffic Unit performs inspections Call 435-7600 to make an appointment.   Appointments are usually on weekends. 

How do I get my fingerprints taken or a background check performed?

Fingerprints are taken on Wednesday afternoon by appointment only.  The operator will schedule your appointment by visiting the station or by calling 401-435-7600. A fee of $36.00 is due at the time of the appointment. For a background check, the Attorney General’s Office, 150 South Main Street, Providence, RI has the necessary application forms. 

How do I hire a detail officer?

Call the main number at 401-435-7600 and make a request for a detail officer.  Please make sure you have all information regarding the detail or event when you are calling to make the request. Frequent contractors can arrange for detail billing by calling the Records Unit payroll clerk at 435-7600. Otherwise, be prepared to pay at the time of the detail, cash or check, to the police department. Officers are paid a minimum of 4 hours and then in single increments of 1 hour after. A minimum of 2 hours notice is required to cancel a scheduled detail. Otherwise, the contractor is required to pay the 4 hour minimum to the Department. The current detail rate is $50.00 per officer, per hour. The police cruiser rate is $25.00 per hour, per vehicle, with a 4 hour minimum. 

What do I do if I get a traffic ticket?

All parking or city ordinance violations issued on a City parking tag can be paid at the East Providence Municipal Court, City Hall 145 Taunton Ave., East Providence. The violator has the option of paying in person, mailing payment, or denying the violation and requesting a court hearing.

If a motorist is issued a motor vehicle violation on a State of Rhode Island summons, the person must follow the instructions included with the violation and determine by reading the bottom of the violation as to the court of jurisdiction being the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, or the East Providence Municipal Court. If the fine is payable (indicated by a dollar amount in the payment due box)

then the motorist has the option of paying in person, by mail, or may instead request a court hearing. RI Traffic Tribunal tickets can be also be paid by telephone and Internet.

If you have a driving record with no moving violations within the 3 years prior to the violation date, then you may request that your summons be dismissed by pleading guilty utilizing the good driving record and upon paying court costs. Out-of-State residents must bring a certified copy of their driving record from their State's DMV to the hearing in order to request dismissal.

What if I had my car towed?

Usually when the car is towed, the tow company hands the operator/owner the required information he/she needs to know such as the vehicle’s location, phone number of the tow company etc.  The owner/operator of the vehicle should call first, and then respond to the tow yard, pay the towing and storage fee, ensure that the vehicle is properly registered, and that there is a licensed operator that can drive the vehicle, unless it is being towed from the impound yard. If a police hold has been placed on the vehicle, the tow yard will not release the vehicle until the police department has given the tow company permission to release the vehicle.


Who do I call for a general traffic complaint or speeding  complaint?

Inquiries or requests can be directed to the Patrol Commander (401-435-7600) or Traffic Unit  (401-435-7600).

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